Get involved

There are lots of ways for farmer Veterans and other beginning farmers to connect and for community members to get involved. For many Veterans, service doesn’t end with the frontline, and farming offers them a way to continue to serve their communities while doing something they love. A new generation of farmers is needed to produce food, provide ecosystem services, build community, and create social justice.

  • How to farm ecologically (build soil, use organic pest control, increase biodiversity and resilience) and promote animal welfare
  • Engage with others about farming methods, profits, and equity
  • Discuss specific topics or training of interest

Get connected!

  • Seek a Veteran-focused farming internship or mentor
  • Join a field day or workshop at App State's SD Farm
  • Attend a farming conference and network with other beginning farmers and Veterans
  • Join our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram.

Support Farmer Veterans and beginning farmers in your area!

  • Visit a local farm
  • Volunteer with local work days
  • Support Veterans in your community and local food systems
  • Join Frontline Victory community garden work* and dirt therapy
  • Increase social justice, including racial and environmental justice

*Supported by federal work-study funding at App State

Join us!

Not everyone can or will serve in the military. In fact, less than 1% of today’s US population are currently serving and 6% are Veterans. Not everyone can or will farm. Around 2% of the US population are farming and ranching families, and 11% of farmers are serving or have served in the military. Frontline to Farm offers everyone the opportunity to JOIN US in meeting our mission to support Farmer Veterans and beginning farmers, to support healthy food practices, to mitigate climate change, and to build community. We hope that you will consider becoming part of the work we do!


Our donors provide funds and in-kind donations that support our training and community work.


Our partners, individual and organizational, work with us to develop and deploy training, to further community work, and to disseminate information important to our mission.

Keep informed about our work!

  • Read about farmer Veterans and people working to support Veterans in agriculture
  • Also see work reports at
Help support Frontline to Farm

Your donations help Veterans to explore and transition into careers in farming, to reconnect with the land and community, and to stay connected with each other while providing the nation with farmer veterans whose knowledge, skills and sustainable practices are at the heart of food security and equity. Your money will support a variety of training, mentoring and internship programs, as well as local farms and gardens.