Education modules

Frontline to Farm provides online education modules for military veterans and other beginning farmers.

Our focus is on small farm swine production integrated with agroforestry practices. Swine production enables nutrient cycling on the farm and increases biodiversity. We also include information on grazing animals and pasture forage plants that transform solar energy into food and sequester carbon in the soil.

Engage with our materials at your own pace. The modules and supporting materials are open to anyone. Meet other participants and expand your network via our social media. Contact lead instructor Dr. Anne Fanatico with any questions.

Modules available


This module will cover:

  • Are you ready to buy a farm?
  • Land leasing considerations
  • Buying a farm
  • Farm succession planning
  • Resources for finding farmland

This presentation is sponsored by the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program.

 Raising Sheep in the Mountains


Grazing Beef Cattle Production


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